Coping Skills

Below are some handouts and information for coping skills that I have found helpful!

Coping skills are techniques or methods that can be used to deal with stressful situations. It is important to have a variety of skills at hand because not all of them work in every situation, sometimes one skill is better than others. It can take trial and error to figure out which one works best in any given situation. I always suggest practicing them when in a calm state, that way they will be easier to call upon when in a stressful situation. We do not receive any compensation for sharing these.

Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as belly or deep breathing, has been one the main techniques that I utilize in counseling. I have seen it work for so many people, both in the counseling office and out in the world. When doing this type of breathing, remember to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

I have found that coloring can help me focus and distract me from a stressful situation. That gives me time to calm down and be able to look at the situation differently than when I was in the moment. I also like the fact that I have proof of my efforts and work with a beautiful coloring!

The resources available on Forging Clarity Counseling are not intended to replace therapy.