About Me

My name is Camille Berg and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have spent several years working with clients who were dealing with the effects of trauma, whether recent or past. I specialize in working with people who have suffered sexual trauma, such as childhood molestation, incest, and rape. It is why I am currently training to become a sex therapist. I want to help my clients not only process and grow beyond their trauma, but also have a happy and healthy sex life, whatever that looks like for them. 

I sought out a Kink Informed Treatment Certification Program so that I can better help those in the kink community, including those who are in consensual non-monogamy relationships. Even if your issue has nothing to do with trauma or kink know that I am able to work on whatever issue brings you to therapy without judgment of your lifestyle. I am a LGBTQ+ and gender fluid affirming therapist. I understand how different aspects of ourselves and our environment all play a part in our lived experience. My goal as an LPC is to create a safe, judgment free zone for you to grow as a human being to best suit your goals.

Outside of the office I enjoy mindlessly watching television and playing board games with my friends. I love dressing up, particularly if a theme is involved, because clothing is my armor, it makes me feel safe in this world. I am always on the lookout for a fun concert or anime/comic event to attend, though staying in is always a wonderful option.